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Using our experience and learnings harvested over many projects, we have created pre-formed solutions that customers can use to achieve specific outcomes or to accelerate transformation in a de-risked way.

Digital Readiness AssessmentDigital Readiness Assessment

With so many digital initiatives and opportunities available to the mining industry today, it’s often difficult for mining companies to benchmark their operations from a digital perspective.

Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA) assesses current technology and data infrastructure and then completes a series of surveys, interviews and analyses to provide an actionable roadmap. That roadmap includes recommendations on how your operational team can extract further value from existing plant data and what additional digital capability is required to increase your company’s digital maturity.

Interlate’s DRA is a dedicated service designed to give mining companies the information needed to understand their organisation’s digital maturity and subsequent ability to undertake digital transformation.

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Value AssessmentValue Assessment

Interlate Assessment is based on a maturity framework that incorporates the main controls of value in a processing plant or mine site: data, systems, engineering, human capital and geological complexity. It applies advanced data analytics, as well as technical and operational expertise to demonstrate how Interlate’s capabilities capture material productivity improvements in plant and mining operations.

The process is an ideal starting point and roadmap for creating considerable insights in the value chain which often manifest as new or optimised operating tactics; confirming, refining or identifying short term improvement opportunities, or sustainable improvements when monitored in real-time by the Interlate Sentinel™ system.

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Data VisualisationData Visualisation

Stories are amazing. For thousands of years stories have been immensely important to our human experience. We use stories to teach our children. We use stories to create our cultures. We use stories to help people understand complicated issues. Stories give us insights that facts alone cannot.

Operational data can tell stories too. Stories that communicate profit and deficiencies. Stories that tell of opportunity and threats. The trick is to know how to get your data to tell you its story. But once you know how, the riches are abundant. The best part is that because data is continually being created, there are always new stories to tell, which means the riches keep coming.

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Sentinel™ is your system for keeping your finger on the pulse of everything happening on your operation. This highly sophisticated platform uses Big Data in real-time to collaboratively identify, analyse and benchmark operations so that productivity issues are addressed on a continuous basis.

For plants and operations that experience instability as a result of unplanned interruptions or variations in operators’ procedures, Sentinel™ is the ideal way to overcome these problems with real-time solutions.

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