Sentinel™ is your system for keeping your finger on the pulse of everything happening on your operation.

Oversee your whole operation with Sentinel™

This highly sophisticated platform uses Big Data in real-time to collaboratively identify, analyse and benchmark operations so that productivity issues are addressed on a continuous basis.

For plants and operations that experience instability as a result of unplanned interruptions or variations in operators’ procedures, Sentinel™ is the ideal way to overcome these problems with real-time solutions.

The process is an ideal starting point and roadmap for creating considerable insights in the value chain which often manifest as new or optimised operating tactics; confirming, refining or identifying short term improvement opportunities, or sustainable improvements when monitored in real-time by the Interlate Sentinel™ system.

How does it work?

  • Sentinel™ combines real-time data, expert analytics and experienced operations management into an effective decision support service that is easy for operators to use and seek recommendations at any time.

  • Through Sentinel™, Interlate stabilises operations and then designs and implements projects that drive step change improvement. The gains are “locked-in” in perpetuity using prescriptive technology, avoiding further anomalies and under-performance.

Key benefits

Main features

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Sentinel Analytical Optimisation


Using Interlate’s productivity dashboards, expected process outputs are predicted from previous operational data for mill feed combinations. This allows for quick identification of recovery or throughput issues and the ability to ascertain the problem stemming from the feed ore type or process parameters. It also allows optimisation of blends to improve recovery and throughput.

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