We support you in Every step of your Journey

Expert technical support
We work alongside your teams, providing specialist technical and analytical support on regular basis.

Service offering
Using our experience, we have combined proven services and technology into solutions which give customers accelerated outcomes and problem solving, while reducing implementation risk.

Custom software and services solutions
We help you solve specific problems by providing specialist skills and capacity to a defined project.

Digital Transformation
We work alongside you and support you in your operations, creating new and improved ways of working and creating sustained value.

Expert technical support

We have significant experience and expertise in mineral processing. We provide expert technical support in a range of areas, either as extra capacity when you need it or on a longer-term basis.

We work with, lead and coach operations teams to optimise plants. We also offer data science and statistical coaching with the deployment of our software, in order to supercharge your team’s capability.

We provide independent expert technical decision support on high-stakes decisions or as augmentation to under-capacity teams.

We provide analytical insight into plant operations and help operations teams prioritise improvement initiatives based on economic valuation.

Further to this, we help operations teams protect productivity improvements.

Custom software and services solutions

We help you solve complex problems and challenges with our independent consulting services.

Interlate has considerable subject matter expertise in chemical and mineral processing and in data science practices but what sets us apart is our operational experience.

We work with you to find the most value adding software and serivce solutions that are practical and implementable. This is essential in making improvements that can be sustained. Our model of engagement has an operational blueprint which helps sites quickly take ownership of initiatives.

Customers have leveraged our consulting services across a range of domains, including process engineering, system architecture and design, data modelling and transformation, data streaming, machine learning, mathematical optimisation and operations research.

Service Offering

We have accumulated valuable knowledge from repeatedly solving similar problems in industry.

This has enabled us to create several useful pre-configured, yet customisable service offerings. These can be deployed as part of a consulting engagement or as accelerators to boost a customer’s transformation initiatives.

Our customers benefit from these accelerators because they reduce implementation risk and help get improvements rapidly.

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