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Combining our SaaS offer with the onsite experience of our highly skilled operational and process engineering professionals, we support minerals processing operational professionals in their journey towards achieving their goals and finding latent value.

Software as a

Leveraging the domain knowledge and onsite experience of our highly skilled operational and process engineering professionals, combined with the skills of our leading data scientists, we have developed practical, targeted, analytical software applications.

These applications are ideal for use in the busy / time poor work environment of minerals processing operational professionals, allowing these common and often avoidable problems to be addressed.

Professional Services

How do you find untapped operational productivity and release it?

A combination of data science, subject matter expertise and operational experience is a good way to find opportunities for improvement.

Turning those opportunities into value requires change and this is where we can help.

We offer a range of services that help customers do things differently to increase productivity and improve value.

We help customers increase their capability in data-driven decision making, leaving them with a sustainable platform for digital based transformation.

Carbon Data

CARBONEM: Scope 2 Emissions Reporting

In Australia, all generated electricity is in a ‘pool’ for each state, and so the emissions for the state that you live in are proportional to your scope 2 emissions. Our aim is to help people and businesses have a better understanding of the impact power consumption has on our net zero targets.

CARBONEM Displays:

  • Power generated in the Southern and Eastern States. This is directly from NEM data, and is not further processed.
  • Real time emissions for each generation source (eg: Gas, Solar, Coal etc), calculated using the GHG protocols (certification coming soon!).
  • Emissions intensity, which shows the carbon emissions per unit of power from each source.

ROI Value Stories

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