What do we do?



Our Visions for the Industry

At Interlate we are strving for a net zero emissions industry and the first step in that journey is understanding what the emissions are and what is driving them. Producers should be able to inform customers on the emissions intensities of their product and guarantee it for every unit of production. Emissions are everyone’s responsibility, everyone should understand the impact of there choices and the consequences of their actions on the Scope1, 2 and 3 emissions intensity of production.

Our Product

The core of our product is a data transformation engine that utilises existing industrial data to generate immutable emissions data tied to every product produced. This capability will allow sites to understand the rnage of emissions intensity in the product they produce in addition to understand what is driving those emission and why it differs so broadly. This allows sites to indentify, target and deliver carbon abatement projects that result in real change. This delivers on an energy transition that is practical and utilises the talents at every level in industry. 

Whether a site has already started their decarbonisation journey or is looking to accelerate progress through a pilot. Interlate can provide support, leadership or empowerment through a tailor-made pilot to meet a site’s specific needs.


Contact Us

Interlate is currently looking for partners, co-developers to further develop our decarbonisation solutions and trial our carbon data management solution. 


The data used in CarbonNEM was sourced from OpenNEM