SetPoint Selector (SPS)

Make incremental day-to-day productivity improvements to your processing operations, quickly and with certainty that you have it right using Set Point Selector (SPS)

SetPoint Selector

Interlate’s Setpoint Selector (SPS) is an easy to use software tool that will help you achieve stable, repeatable, data-driven process tactics to confidently make the next best in-plant productivity decision at speed.

SPS provides a dynamic tool for setting plant operating strategies by category (e.g. operating crew, feed type). Some of our customers refer to this process of setting contextual operating strategies as “setpoint selection”, “parameter setting”, “the operating envelope”, “the recipe book”, amongst many others.

The visualisations generated, allow for very quick interactive selection for critical plant parameter set-point ranges.

As a result, best historical operating ranges can be rapidly isolated, ultimately driving material value uplift.

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Examples of Identified Opportunities

0.7% in additional full plant Cu recovery at target grade via rougher flotation operating range updates, across multiple feed grade ranges

1.0% in additional Fe ore product tonnage at target market grade via ore scrubbing and fines circuit operating strategies across multiple feed types.

5.0% in additional coal product tonnage at target ash via dense media cyclone (DMC) recipe updates, across multiple feed types.

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