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Supporting our clients during COVID-19

Everybody is innovating widely to maintain operational capabilities. For Mining, one of the key innovation challenges is around managing operations remotely.
Now, more than ever, a sustainable solution is needed. Interlate can help with a proven model.

We can help you keep your processing operations running

During this challenging time, we are offering mining companies a proven way to sustain their operations even with reduced onsite personnel. We are ready and able to help with our model of remote operations support which comes with the following benefits:

  • Work continues to be effective, even if it is from a lounge or kitchen.
  • Protection against loss of value through rapid deployment and migration.
  • A reduction of the operational risk of your overall business continuity.
  • Opportunities to not only continue but improve profitability through the application of Interlate’s AI & Plant Optimization capabilities.

The pandemic is not going to be over in a few weeks.

Many organizations would never have predicted a far-reaching pandemic and as a result a lot of the current business continuity plans don’t have well established protocols and procedures to cope with the pace that COVID-19 has developed. There has been an urgent scrambling to comply with social distancing directives resulting in mass working from home arrangements.

Once the immediate move to a remote working regime is complete, companies need be set-up for the long haul as health experts advise self-distancing will need to remain in place for a protracted period to prevent a resurgence in the pandemic.

People need to remain safe but also employed, motivated and valued.

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, businesses are grappling with the challenge of keeping people safe and employed while complying with the authorities’ mandate to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and all at the same time trying to prevent lasting damage to their operations. Even with the need for remote working met, how do companies ensure that work is effective, productive and innovative? If we can’t keep people physically together, how do we keep people “digitally together”?

Operating at full capacity with reduced onsite personnel.

We can help mining companies run their plants at full capability even with reduced onsite personnel. We’ve been delivering real-time decision support remotely for several years, mainly focused on improving the annual profitability of plants. We have the experience and knowledge to help teams work effectively in a remote mode. Furthermore, we can support site personnel working from home by providing them with deep analytical insight and prediction around plant operations.

Immediate support and options around longer-term restructure of work.

There are several options for our customers to get immediate support for their remote workers and the site personnel that remain at their operations. These options range from short-term support to longer-term transformations.

In the short term we can provide access to dedicated and purpose-built remote operations capability. We can also provide immediate data monitoring and analytics capability. From here customers have the option of working with us to design the business processes of a post pandemic operation, e.g., centralizing subject matter experts and supporting remote operations with data and analytics.

The Interlate Team – a partner in productivity

Want to learn more?

Remote working is in our DNA – we have been assisting clients to run and optimize their mines remotely for years. You can benefit from our deep experience in remote management of mining sites. To learn more about how we can assist you, please get in touch.