Stop losing money through contract penalties

What’s the best way to maximise ore revenue? Meet the shipping and specification schedule – all the time.

Interlate can help make this achievable with industry leading operational analytics and an AI -based decision engine. This helps producers stay ahead of the pack, leverage their superior understanding of their operations to make optimal sales and shipping decisions.

Interlate helps clients capture relevant production and processing data by the targeted deployment of cutting-edge technology combined with technical know-how. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) supported analytics and with the benefit of deep industry knowledge, Interlate’s clients can then gain detailed insights into key production statistics, including volumes, specification/grade and stockpile characteristics, and near real-time changes in measured variables, with a very high level of confidence (up to 95% statistical accuracy). The potential benefits are significant, and it offers clients:

  • The ability to realise significant improvements that directly improve profitability
  • The capacity to dynamically optimise its processes and outputs in a cost-efficient manner
  • The opportunity to seamlessly integrate operations and marketing to drive business performance
  • The information and insights necessary for effective strategic planning and execution
  • The data to confidently assess the effects of decisions, both operational and marketing, on ultimate business outcomes

Interlate’s success is measured by our client’s improved results.

  • Demonstrated an annualised ROI of 21x investment at one operation
  • Provided decision support that helped a plant realise $30M annualised revenue improvement
  • Identified throughput improvements of 5% in a mine with not requirement for additional capital.


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