Interlate News

September Update

Schneider Electric Alliance Conference

Sydney, 29th – 30th August

Schneider Electric has been a solid supporter of Interlate’s vision for a long time. As an Alliance Partner, Interlate was invited to attend their annual Alliance Partner Awards event in Sydney. Whist Interlate does not fit the traditional mould of an “Alliance Partner”, this was a great opportunity to meet the other Alliance Partners, share experiences and learn from a very successful community. I’m looking forward to Schneider Electric’s continued support. – David Meldrum, CEO

Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX)

Sydney, 29th – 31st August

I went to AIMEX with the usual expectations that come with attending one of the most significant mining exhibitions in the world and certainly in APAC. I have not been to AIMEX for some time and so perhaps some of my observations are not really insightful to some of the more loyal attendees. To be blunt, I did not get what I was expecting. Initially I was disappointed because there was only one pavilion and comparatively little in the way of “big gear”. However as I made my way through the alleys and corridors, its dawned on me that the reason for the contracted floor space was not lack of interest but rather a change in what was being exhibited. Instead of big machines, I noticed a significant representation in sensors, robotics, automated systems, drones and Internet of Things enabled systems which of course are smaller (and much smarter) than the traditional “brute-force” iron we normally see. It was fantastic. No-one can dare tell me that there is a lag in innovation in mining. It gave me tremendous hope for the future of the resources sector. I hope the organisers at AIMEX also noticed this and will use this to drive interest from exhibitors and attendees for future visits. – George McCullough, Director of Strategy

Schneider Electric Innovation Summit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 25th – 26th September

Interlate took to the stage at Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit between 25th and 26th September. This summit was a showcase event where Schneider Electric’s customers presented real-world innovations in a number of industries including mineral processing. As a pioneering user of Schneider Electric’s integrated software stack, Interlate will presented our unique approach to productivity improvement in data rich industries. The presentation was well received and it was great to get external validation that our approach is innovative and industry leading.