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Leveraging the domain knowledge and onsite experience of our highly skilled operational and process engineering professionals, combined with the skills of our leading data scientists, we have developed practical, targeted, analytical software applications.

These applications are ideal for use in the busy work environment of minerals processing operational professionals.

Analytics ToolPack (ATP)Analytics ToolPack (ATP)

Interlate’s Analytical Toolpack (ATP) is a visual data exploration platform that will allow you to view your data in a multitude of ways, perform statistical tests, including T-tests and CuSum analysis, and prepare the results for presentation.

In addition to its rapid analysis capability, ATP is an engine for upskilling the site workforce in data prep and basic statistical method.

Processing plants are data rich but can often be information-poor without the application of data-driven tactics and strategies. Data-driven decision making requires a robust foundation of statistics to cut through the ‘noise’ of plant data, isolating issues and allowing operations to maximise recoveries.

With Analytics Toolpack, there is now no reason for operating on a ‘hunch’ or ‘gut-feel’.

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SetPoint Selector (SPS)SetPoint Selector (SPS)

Interlate’s Setpoint Selector (SPS) is an easy to use software tool that will help you achieve stable, repeatable, data-driven process tactics to confidently make the next best in-plant productivity decision at speed.

SPS provides a dynamic tool for setting plant operating strategies by category (e.g. operating crew, feed type). Some of our customers refer to this process of setting contextual operating strategies as “setpoint selection”, “parameter setting”, “the operating envelope”, “the recipe book”, amongst many others.

The visualisations generated, allow for very quick interactive selection for critical plant parameter setpoint ranges. As a result, best historical operating ranges can be rapidly isolated, ultimately driving material value uplift.

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NetSmelter Return (NSR)NetSmelter Return (NSR)

NSR optimiser is a tool created to help Plant Operations and Sales & Marketing Teams (Commodity Traders).

It helps set plant concentrate targets that will achieve the highest royalty return based on a number of factors (feed grades, throughput rates, payment terms & transport costs). This ensures the best overall business decision as opposed to the best technical decision can be made.

The NSR Optismer is customised exclusively for your site. Using advanced simulation, plant parameters can be aligned to final revenue to facilitate conversations between departments (Operations and Sales / Marketing).

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API LibraryAPI Library

Leveraging the domain knowledge and onsite experience of our highly skilled process engineers and fusing this with the skills of our leading data scientists, we have developed a collection of notable APIs.

The API Library enables Interlate’s service teams and customers to incorporate leading data science functionality into their personal workflows. In partnership with the right tools, libraries and support, the API Library allows quick upskilling of teams in modern data science practices.

Developed out of necessity during the last 5 years of productivity services for our customers, the API Library provides the opportunity to draw insights from large plant datasets, increasing basic decision automation for operators and control systems.

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