Interlate News

November Update

28 November 2017

November has been a very busy month and we have completed 3 separate Assessments for various customers. An Assessment is the first activity we carry out when working with a customer. It paves the way for establishing a new way of running operations which uses real-time analytics to find and keep incremental improvements, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, 365 days a year.

To rapidly execute this diagnostic activity, we act as an extension of the site team. Following an initial period of data gathering, the Interlate team splits into two parallel streams – one focused around understanding the data, and the other around understanding the people, operating context and existing work processes. The operational context is gathered on site through a series of structured ‘interviews’ with site personnel and observations made directly in the plant. Fusing these two streams together allows operationally relevant hypotheses to be generated quickly and validated to a quantitative level. Validated hypotheses are presented in a final report with supporting evidence, along with an ongoing solution pathway.

Using advanced analytical approaches combined with subject matter expertise and experience, the Assessment shows customers where improvement opportunities are in their operations. Moreover, the Assessment quantifies the size of these improvements. In most cases this can be done in a little as 2 weeks. An Assessment can be run on any operations, regardless of commodity. In November Interlate completed Assessments for 2 Copper-Gold operations and one Iron Ore operation; we are currently working with these customers to establish their real-time monitoring capability. Next month we will be running more Assessment, this time for Coal and Iron ore customers.