Identification of productivity improvement opportunities to the value of $7M for a Copper plant

Business Challenge

Our clients reliability system is world class, particularly in terms of data collection and incremental adjustments to equipment to ensure that remaining life is maintained and understood. The system is relatively labour intensive and utilises reliability personnel to input data into various spreadsheets to predict remaining life. This has proven highly effective at detecting failures in time to take action in the next maintenance cycle. Quantifying the impact of operating past functional failure could also be undertaken easily, informing the management team and allowing information driven decisions to be made in the event of conflicting priorities. This may become particularly useful as the end of life of mine approaches, because in the final twelve months of operation the conflict between productivity and maintenance cost management will become more acute.


A feasibility work program was undertaken following a successful Proof of Concept phase.  The Feasibility phase focussed on improving throughput through the development of a range of enhanced control strategies, as well as deploying the Interlate SentinelTM and Guardian services in real time.  SentinelTM and Guardian were deployed plant-wide and the resulting productivity improvements reflect opportunities that were identified  in multiple plant areas. 

Value realised

The feasibility work program, demonstrated how the SentinelTM, Guardian and Tactical Projects programs could be implemented to provide advanced real time productivity support. SentinelTM operations identified numerous productivity improvement opportunities, and demonstrated a reasonable level of decision support effectiveness.  The top four decision support interactions were quantified and demonstrated that an annualised metal production improvement of $7M could be achieved by implementing the outcomes of the agreed decision support records.