Heat maps are hard to use right, we still think we are tying to get it 100% right. The biggest difficulty is getting enough data to ensure that your heatmap is providing insight and not just random chance. We have found them invaluable for simulated data and when exploring multiple variable response in regards to a KPI.



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Critical in exploring the data and significantly useful in evaluation; insight gained from visualisations inform the whole analytical workflow. Some types of visualisations lend themselves better to one use over the other and, making the decision of which to use in each application is a learning process. At Interlate, our experience with analytics in Minerals processing plants has given us an appreciation for how to make these decisions, and we will outline some of our insights in the following series 


Good For:  

  • Evaluating performance over three or more dimensions 
  • Using the averages in each of the bins you can evaluation changes in KPI’s over the surface of the solutions space 
  • Visualising simulated data and seeing the response of variables over multiple dimensions.

Difficult With: 

  • Low density data 
  • Noisy data 


Tips & Tricks: 

  • Experimenting with bin sizes is a must. 
  • Great for displaying simulated data to allow users to explore scenarios 
  • Ensure the colour chosen is of a good range, often the minimums and maximums and event divergent point if using a double colour scale can give a false impression of the responsiveness of the data. 


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This article series has focussed on our key visuals, Interlate hope to share our experience to others and provide a robust understanding for their place in Clarofy our visualisation and data analytics application.  No software installation required and runs straight from your browser. www.clarofy.ai