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Digital Readiness Assessment

It’s fair to say that there is wide-spread recognition, and in most cases acceptance, that data has the potential to be very valuable in helping mines and plants improve profitability.

A cursory search for “value from data” on Google will yield hundreds of results spanning Tier 1 consulting companies, fully comprehensive data platforms, specialised application and general advice. With all this content available, it can be a little daunting to know where to begin. How does a company get more from data without risking becoming one of “those” transformation initiatives?

Interlate takes a very pragmatic approach based on experience. We help you quickly and safely determine how much, and how quickly you should invest in squeezing your data for more value. We can show you where investing will pay off and when you should rather invest in other more value-producing initiatives.

We’ve taken our extensive experience in helping major mining companies find more value from their operational data and used it to create a simple and highly effective Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA). The DRA is a quick process that will provide a clear path to value by:

  • Showing you where you sit on a digital readiness benchmark
  • Showing you where digital would be valuable in the context of your operation
  • Providing you with clear steps to start your transformation without risk

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It’s important that you start soon but it’s just as important that you know where to start.