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Celebrating International Women’s Day (2019)

We are proud to have many talented and resourceful women working at Interlate. To celebrate International Women’s Day (8th March 2019), we asked Nishara, one of our data visualisation architects, to share a few words with us. Nishara told us about her ambitions and the journey she has taken which has led her to a cutting edge career in the mining industry. This is her story:

“As a young person, I had no idea what I would want to do when I ‘grew up’. I had lots of interests. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any female role models who were pursuing an interesting, varied and fulfilling career. From the adults I spoke to, I gathered that the working world seemed to simply be about achieving financial stability.

Of course, stability is nothing to scoff at. When I was looking into courses of further education to pursue, I was planning to just do more of what I was good at (Chemistry) and get ready for a lifetime of working in that field. Thankfully, however, I got some advice from my dad who steered me towards Engineering and assured me that I could follow my linguistic, musical and urban planning dreams subsequently.

I ended up in the mining industry, which has been amazing and challenging. I have realised that (in the mining industry) my emotional intelligence is as sought-after as my technical skills.

I’m happy with my career path so far and I am looking forward to wherever I’ll end up in the future. I wish that high-school-Nishara had someone like current-Nishara to advise her, so I’m participating in the QRC/WIMARQ Year 12 girls’ mentoring program this year as a mentor”